Saturday, November 28, 2009


A Perspective Towards Newest Romanticism: Part 1:

"Back to Basics" (this way you can begin again). This is a motto of Newest Romantics. The challenge was to put raw shit back on the balances and with that we move boldly forward. We record on analog downstairs at home and sometimes digital but ONLY in a basement or back hall and ONLY if it has vintage tape echo (its THAT serious).
Perhaps you've seen the Newest Romantic walking down the street. Perhaps the rocker in question is wearing a corsage on their jacket or defiantly listening to a cassette walkman. (Theres a million romantic variables). If you dare the rocker may engage you in conversation and if its appropriate start to flirt.

A newest romantic may or may not be a habitual marijuana smoker and/or engage in the use of psychedelics. Like his/her/whatever Mod ancestor may or may not engage in the use of light amphetamines for the purpose of all night dancing with friends. UNLIKE his jazz/beatnick/grunge ancestor he/she/whatever generally steers clear of heroin and mere mention of the "H-bomb" is considered a slight taboo but not SOOOO taboo because busting chops is NOT in the style of Newest Romantics.

Things in the Style of Newest Romantics:
Melody, sick beats in the time signature of 4/4, songs with a storyline, sex with poets, love poems, Fender Twin Reverb, "cool conciseness", fucking your bandmates, etc and the list goes on (there are a million romantic variables)

All fellow Romantics are STRONGLY encouraged to take part in your local soul/DIY/experimental (place your adjective here) line dancing class. If there isn't one practice for a couple months and start your own. Invite friends over and teach them and your local "step crew" will DOMINATE.
Some dances of mention that we like
1. Squash the Bug
2. the Street Fighter
3. Slap tha Ground
4. The Carwarsh

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